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Cocktails + Kitchen at Chase's Place


Currently, we are first come, first served.

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to join our waiting list by visiting our host to put your name on our list and call you when a table becomes available. Feel free to explore the neighborhood while you wait - or grab a cocktail and enjoy the blooming gardens on our 'back 40' area


*NOTE: we will hold the table for ten minutes after our host tries to contact you.

Table reservations start in February 2023!


For groups of 11 or more, contact us for event booking.

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"...after we had reveled in the saltatory sights
We sought a neighboring cafe for more tangible delights;
When I demanded of my friend what viands he preferred,
He quoth: 'A large cold bottle and a small hot bird!'"

Eugene Field

The Bottle and the Bird

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