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I guess let's start at the beginning...


I remember exactly where I was when I decided I wanted to open my own cocktail bar. It was at Trudy's Texas Star, Seat 5 in the 'down-bar' about 12 years ago. It was, at that time, an impossible dream, but hey, if your dreams aren't seemingly impossible then what's the point right?


The seed was planted, but the timing wasn't right, so off to the backburner went the dream. 


Fast forward to about 4 years ago, when the swift kick in the ass came. It was during a cigarette break after a particularly hectic Saturday in our new home of Fredericksburg, Texas when inspiration returned. The dream was back on the front burner, and the heat was turned WAY up! Our network of professionals was growing - no time like the present. Fun trivia fact: The project was first dubbed "Righteous Cowboy Lightning", you know, for secrecy. It was still a dream, but one I was ready to go chase (no pun intended).


With the help of my beautiful wife, Tara, and amazing Mama Bear we found the perfect location, an old house in the Historic District right on the corner and one block from Main Street and acquired it in July of 2018 - while Tara and I were away at Tales of the Cocktail no less.

Tara and I got hard to work on the design of the place, setting out to make it warm and inviting while borrowing from all of our favorite hangouts throughout the years.

After two and a half years of designing, demolishing, building and everything in between, we were ready to open! This was late February of 2020. That was...unfortunate timing. It was finally ready, and all we could do was pace around in an empty building, praying that all that hard work wasn't some cruel joke the universe was playing on us.


We kept on truckin' and opened on May 9, 2020, at 25% occupancy, which was better than nothing. Since then we've done take out, we've done meal kits, we've set up curbside 'lemonade stand' in our yard slinging to-go cocktails - all to make it work and keep our staff working! We love what we do that much!!


Our doors have been shut nine times in less than 12-months due to the pandemic. It's been a journey, ya'll, but we are STILL HERE and don't plan on going anywhere. 


The best is yet to come, and we are thrilled that you are along for the ride. See ya'll soon! We couldn't do it without you!

- Chase

Craft cocktails for common humanity.

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